Tarot is Energy Work

Tarot is Energy Work

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Tarot Is Energy Work

I know, I know. How can it be that a street card game turned one of today’s most popular divination mediums is also somehow akin to Reiki?

Really, it isn’t a stretch.

Especially as we note that all things, all ideas, all acts are defined by their innate energetic blueprint. Even us! Yes, we are beings of energy. In between our atoms is space. And a lot of it.

Ali Sundermier explains where our mass comes from:

Energy! At a pretty basic level, we're all made of atoms, which are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons.

And at an even more basic, or perhaps the most basic level, those protons and neutrons, which hold the bulk of our mass, are made of a trio of fundamental particles called quarks.

But, as I explained in Symmetry, the mass of these quarks accounts for just a tiny per cent of the mass of the protons and neutrons. And gluons, which hold these quarks together, are completely massless.

A lot of scientists think that almost all the mass of our bodies comes from the kinetic energy of the quarks and the binding energy of the gluons.


In fact, at our resting state, humans are producing 100 watts of power.

Which is a cool factoid that I think about a lot especially when my self-guilt of resting on a couch in sweatpants kicks in (hey! I’m creating electricity right now, so there!)

Not only are we physical forms of translated energy, but we are also constantly producing energy. All living beings, in fact, exist within their own energetic field which is continually interacting with the fields of other beings.

This is how Energy Work, well, works.

Our energetic field can become blocked or frazzled or weakened as we interact with other energies and allow them to influence, or even become integrated into, our own fields.

Energy work from any lineage, is a desire to facilitate a balanced, easeful, unimpeded energetic system using metaphysical tools or the laying on of hands as a conduit of life force energy.

Are these things that Tarot can do as well?

Yes, absolutely.


What are Tarot cards anyway?


Tarot cards have a pretty recent history, especially as a form of divination. They are believed to have been created in Italy in the mid 1400’s as playing cards with illustrations of costumed parade participants. The game played with these themed cards was called Tarocchi, the origin of the French Tarot.

It wasn’t until the late 18th century that Tarot is used as a divination medium. At the time, there was a trendy fascination with occult practices. This opened doorways for broader Spiritualist interpretations to be overlayed onto popular culture. In this era, we see Tarot being interpreted as a means of predictive guidance and even Spiritual communication.

It wasn’t until 1909 that the modern blueprint for Tarot symbology and definitions was published- the Waite-Smith deck also known as the Rider-Waite deck, though the latter erases Pamela Smith’s contribution as illustrator and instead accredits only Arthur Waite and the publisher, Rider Company

Today, there are thousands of Tarot decks available for purchase. The themes, suits, and meanings vary according to designer but the core concepts and format generally remain similar:

22 Major Arcana cards- indicating key phases and events, the narrative follows The Fool’s journey as we travel from naivety to self-actualization.

56 Minor Arcana cards- describing people, daily details, and other minor concepts defined by 4 elemental suits.


Now that we’ve got a basic Tarot breakdown….


How can Tarot affect our energy in such an impactful way as to offer healing?

Tarot’s main use is not as a fortune teller’s toolkit to predict the future, much to the chagrin of sensationalized media tropes.

Really Tarot, at its heart, is a guiding beacon. Tarot is a language whereby we can communicate with the energetic realms. This connection offers us wisdom from beyond the confines of space, time, and perception. The who or what you are connecting to depends on the practitioner and on the person receiving the reading.

The most referenced entities and energies accessed for their benevolent wisdom are:

-Your own Higher Self (the most evolved version of you that exists as an overlying possibility of your Highest expression)

-Your Spirit Guides ( a team of guides, teachers, mentors, allies, and Ancestors who assemble to offer you divine guidance, love, and support)

-The Universe (the infinite collective wisdom and Light available at all)

-Source Energy (the One Creator of All Life, often referred to as a God or Creatrix)

These forces are always available to offer succinct and poignant insight, and the Tarot is a wonderful way to connect with them, though any divination technique that resonates with you is the perfect medium.


**The tools you use to receive guidance are interchangeable, Tarot has just become a favorable choice. Much easier to interpret than tea leaves or bones, imo.**


When we interact with such divine beings, our energetic field is already responding to their presence.

Inviting their intelligence into our lives creates a ripple effect as divine light powerfully influences our reality.

Tarot allows us to communicate directly with a vast network of entities, energies, archetypes, and ideas that offer reflective points and insight into our life’s journey.

When we integrate the advice gifted to us through the language of Tarot from our vast unseen support system, the stagnant and distracted energy of a 3-dimensional, constricted, confined, productivity-focused, and data-driven lifestyle withers.

Emotions that have been blocked by our limited perspectives are able to release and flow freely.

Asking the Tarot for direction and our next grounded actions allows us to unlock the shackles of inertia and make Soul-aligned choices that bring us empowerment instead of exhaustion.

We use the Tarot to reveal challenges that we may be overlooking to help us grow. We seek counsel to understand our complex trauma narratives. We seek comfort and encouragement and apply the Tarot wisdom to create a rapturous, joy-filled life.

This is energy work.

Shifting our flow, twisting our energetic bodies much like Yoga Asanas- compressing and releasing and moving.

This is energy work.

The more you consult the Tarot, the stronger and more specific its messaging becomes. You forge relationships with your team of Spiritual helpers and their presence becomes noticeable.

This is energy work.

So though the Tarot brings a bit of decadent fun, it is also a robust form of connecting with the Universe. And by extension, a tool of energy work.


Are you ready to fuel your energetic flow? Are you craving the touch of the Universe in your life?

If you’re curious to see what impact Tarot can have on your daily dealings, schedule a reading with me, Natalie, and let’s explore together.

A mini Tarot reading is the perfect introduction and one of my most popular offerings.

Or if you’re looking for consistent Tarot guidance, I have a Tarot subscription available in 3 different tiers- all with access to exclusive offers and content available through Rainbow Goods’ emails and on my Instagram Insiders lists.

Feel free to contact me, Natalie, with any questions you may have.


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