Rainbow Goods is home to Natalie Haywood's playful exploration into the human life as a Spiritual experience. Her primary medium is epoxy resin, but she also uses digital design for art prints, apparel, and accessories.

Come with Natalie as she opens her heart to the splendor of living, translated into signature pieces unwinding the gift of mortality (Skulls), to helpful accessories illuminated with the care of channeled creation.


Natalie is a trained Shamanic Practitioner, energy worker, Certified Crystal Healer, and divinator (mediumship, tarot, and more). She has worked closely with Spirit in many capacities, and loves playing in the unified quantum field. 

Her background informs her translation of meditative experiences and dream journeys into art work or decor. Each piece is truly unique in both composition and expression.


Whether you are looking for guidance in the form of Tarot, or a piece to enliven your home, Rainbow Goods Readings & Wares is sure to have something special just for you.

Shadows draping over lacey light, the sun always sets so quickly.

It's hard to focus in the inbetween. Is it fate or design? Am I meant to hold the darkened moon?

Mountainside pansies frame my strong climbing legs. The towering rocks let my roots creep through their cracks. I scale peaks.

I crack my heart open only to find soft garden blooms. Trapped or hiding behind rib cage bars, I am unsure.

My dad always told me, "nothing good happens after midnight". I wonder how good my life can be then here under the stars next to you.

The higher the mountain, the closer to Jesus. Even after midnight.

Tender trees escort me through the tunneled silhouettes of seclusion. Sequestered. Safe. Silent.