Holiday Art Market

Rainbow Goods by Natalie is an ardent intersection of decor and wonder. Each piece bridges the etheric essence of unseen realms with the physicality of the natural world.

All Rainbow Goods are inspired from Natalie's daily outside meditations, PNW adventures, and her experiences as a Shamanic practitioner. 

Shadows draping over lacey light, the sun always sets so quickly.

It's hard to focus in the inbetween. Is it fate or design? Am I meant to hold the darkened moon?

Mountainside pansies frame my strong climbing legs. The towering rocks let my roots creep through their cracks. I scale peaks.

I crack my heart open only to find soft garden blooms. Trapped or hiding behind rib cage bars, I am unsure.

My dad always told me, "nothing good happens after midnight". I wonder how good my life can be then here under the stars next to you.

The higher the mountain, the closer to Jesus. Even after midnight.

Tender trees escort me through the tunneled silhouettes of seclusion. Sequestered. Safe. Silent.